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Terence has been a software developer since roughtly the stone age, when computers and modems were large, slow and noisy. He's always ready to pick up a new set of skills or learn a new technology, and actually reads technical manuals for fun. Suffice it to say, Terence is so unhip it's a wonder his bum doesn't fall off.

An enormous advocate for Sublime Text, Terence spends what might possibly be an unhealthy amount of time helping out users on the Sublime Forum and creating extension packages for it.

He's also been known to play things like video games and guitars, and has an amazing fondness for referring to himself in the third person and making Douglas Adams references.

Sublime Text Packages


HyperHelp - Interactive Help for Sublime Plugins

Initially designed for OverrideAudit, this is a simple system for providing interactive help for packages or other purposes from within Sublime Text itself.

This is still in the prototype design and development phase and is not ready for public consumption just yet. Practically everything about it (including the name) is subject to change.

A brief (and early) demo video is available showing an in-sublime version of the API documentation.

Other Projects

Game Development

This site covers some explorations into game development. This has always been a hobby of mine, which I return to periodically when the mood strikes. This particular iteration is focused on using TypeScript to generate HTML5 games as an easy way to create cross platform content.

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